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Oral Surgery

The term "Oral Surgery" refers to everything from single tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, bone grafting, alveoloplasty, tori removal as well as implant placement. Our fee for extractions start at $147.00, however, if the tooth is a partial impacted or fully impacted wisdom tooth, the fee may ranges from $279 to $349. 

We are pleased to offer the new, state-of-the-art cone beam 3-D dental imaging system. 3D/cone beam technology provides high-definition, in-office, three-dimensional, digital imaging at a reduced cost and significantly less radiation than traditional medical CT scans. 

Now, patients visiting our office will benefit from having the most advanced 3-D dental and facial imaging available. Patients can view their CT scan along with Dr. Conaghan, allowing them to better understand their diagnosis, treatment plan, and expected outcome – all in one convenient visit. Patients no longer have to leave the office and visit a radiology center to have the CT scans obtained. Plus, the patient does not require an additional consultation appointment with a surgeon to benefit from additional imaging

The technology’s 3-D, volumetric imaging system provides a complete view of all oral and maxillofacial structures, giving the most thorough diagnostic information possible. Our surgeons can more accurately diagnose and predictably treat patients than with conventional two-dimensional imaging. Every aspect of the facial skeleton can be evaluated with distortion-free images reconstructed from true volumetric data, which is gathered by an advanced digital sensor. Measurements are all one-to-one, with no magnification error.

PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT offer sedation of any type. 

All Oral Surgery that we provide is under local anesthetic only.

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