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Millions of people are affected by a change in appearance and health due to missing teeth. Fortunately, dental implants are an optimal solution for tooth replacement that can help restore both look and function. If you are an edentulous patient, there is a time-saving, cost effective treatment option that may be right for you. Your existing prosthetics can be attached to implants in the edentulous lower or upper jaw using tapered retaining elements that create a friction-locked connection. The SynCone (Conus) solution provides a secure fit of your denture(s) for comfort and confidence while chewing or speaking. At the same time, it is removable, allowing for easy cleaning and optimum hygiene. 

Key advantages:

  1. Strong and stable fit for comfort in chewing and improved phonetics
  2. Helps to maintain jaw bone and facial structures
  3. Eliminates the need for messy denture adhesives
  4. Removable for simplified cleaning and optimum hygiene

Frequently asked Questions:

1.) What are implants made of and how long do they last?

Dental implants are made of medical grade pure titanium, a material that is documented to be well accepted by the body (biocompatible). After the healing phase, a properly placed and restored, high-quality implant supported by good oral hygiene and follow-up care can last a lifetime.

2.) How long does the procedure take?

The total length of your implant procedure will depend on the number of implants you are receiving and what other procedures (e.g. bone grafting) are required. 

3.) Am I an implant candidate?

Dr. Conaghan will be able to determine if you are a candidate for implants based on the quality and quantity of your jaw bone and other medical conditions/considerations you may have.

4.) How do I care for my implant-supported prosthetics?

Aftercare instructions could include a short period of time where a soft diet and avoiding great physical pressure on your prosthesis is recommended. As with the maintenance of your natural teeth, routine check-ups and cleaning are a critical part of caring for your new implant-supported teeth to help eliminate the risk of bacteria, which could lead to the loss of an implant. Dr. Conaghan will give you specific aftercare instructions, which should be carefully followed to ensure a long-lasting outcome.


Following a thorough examination, Dr. Conaghan will be able to provide you with details in regards to the approximate length of your treatment. Durning the treatment and healing process, you will be able to wear your existing prosthesis as usual or immediates after extractions. 




                                                                   PRICE PER ARCH - $16,500.00

If teeth are already missing, then cost is $14,500.00 per arch